Meet Mike Whitson

Executive Director, Research-Data Analytics

Mike manages all aspects of research, data analytics, data architecture, and data governance that supports the creative exploration of data and inspires groundbreaking data innovation. Translation: he’s the data man. Beyond that, Mike also leads the LIFT research lab which helps companies leverage user and customer experience to dig into the realities of their advertising, design, and messaging.

Prior to joining the team, Mike was the Co-Founder and Chief Research Scientist at Discida, which became part of LIFT in January 2020.

His educational credentials include graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts and he also has a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University.

As a child, Mike’s dream was to be an architect, but he wound up constructing data architecture instead, so not too far off. He loves most outdoor activities but especially fly fishing, cycling and rock climbing. Originally from the Lone Star State, Mike and his family now reside in Cedar Falls, Iowa.