Brand Experience Index

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Reach Your Full Potential

The LIFT360 Brand Experience Index (BXi) is a tool for marketing and brand professionals backed by a decade of consumer behavior research. BXi breaks down four critical attributes of your brand and tracks how each evolves.

Historically, market research was only accessible to businesses with the deepest marketing resources. We’re seeking to change that at LIFT. Strategic marketers across every industry know that measuring, testing, and benchmarking their brand is critical to understanding the impact of your marketing. 

Actionable Insights

With access to our exclusive Actionable Insights™ library of data-driven recommendations, leaders can get back to what they do best, running their organizations.

Your BXi boils down to a single number out of 100. Why one number? Because truly impactful data needs to be easy to communicate and track over time. Looking for a little more detail? Drill down into the underlying data to see specific areas of strength and opportunity.