Remote Workers are Happier
Remote Workers are Happier

Remote Workers are Happier

After spending decades of my life in an office, at least during the work week and an occasional weekend, I can confirm the rumors are true: Working remotely makes you happier.

Two words define that for me—stress reduction. At least when you are working virtually you not only separate yourself from that co-worker or boss you’d rather avoid, but you can also literally never see them unless it’s over a computer where potentially turning off your camera means you’ll never have to look them in the eye.

But that sounds like a negative spin on avoiding the office. The glass half-full take is switching from in-person to remote or hybrid work means you’ll likely be a happier employee. Research backs this up. 1,000 remote and hybrid employees in the United States were polled by Ergotron. A whopping 75% said they have a better work-life balance not being there in-person—at least full-time.

The happy part is not backed up here by any scientific evidence. It’s coming from my personal experience of dreading the Monday morning get ready rush and race out the door to drive to work. When you work from home, as I have for the past year-and-a-half, the time you gain back is invaluable; no longer wasted on long commutes to and from the office, lunch meetings or meetings at off-site locations or, let’s be honest, venting sessions in the break room or behind someone’s office door.

75% of employees believe they have a better work-life balance while working remotely

The key is to strike a healthy balance, so you don’t end up in a professional virtual meeting with a messy bun and sweatshirt or seated for eight hours straight in your basement to the point of muscle atrophy.

If you are a remote worker failing to, well, find your happy place outside the office or someone who wants to make the shift to virtual work, check out our How to Rock Remote Work course on Udemy for the best practices you can employ today to ensure the experience is fulfilling.

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