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Student Success

Orientation is the first major bonding experience incoming freshmen have as they enter the higher education institution of their choice. LIFT has created virtual orientation tools and workflows that have driven success in over 50 colleges and universities – increasing student engagement and satisfaction ratings from previous in-person years.

Student-Athlete Academic Success

Using actionable data, LIFT aggregates information from key factors within the university and shows parents and students the benefits and services gained by becoming a student-athlete. LIFT’s tutoring and mentoring workflows ensures NCAA compliance while continuing to drive student and faculty success in new ways.

Academic Advising

As the transition to hybrid teaching and education takes place, LIFT helps colleges and universities bring an age-old process into the new world through workflow design. This offering helps generate and drive student engagement even after students embark on their collegiate journey.

Hybrid Instruction

Hybrid learning has become the backbone of the student experience. Over the last year, LIFT has successfully designed, optimized, and transformed many higher education institution’s hybrid workflows. LIFTs focus on the student experience has increased student satisfaction ratings and streamlined the education process through the proper use of tools and workflows.

Organizational Events

LIFT has created unique workflows that help simplify, organize, and optimize events for Higher Education Institutions. This encourages students, faculty, and staff to interact more efficiently and creates a more collaborative process. LIFT provides documentation and trains staff and participants on how to conduct virtual events that meet the needs and protocols of live meetings.

Alumni Engagement

LIFT’s hybrid workflow design can be leveraged in alumni engagement. From professional development and alumni fairs to fundraising and more, LIFT helps raise the engagement rate between alumni and the university by making it easier for them to connect in real-time.

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