El Paso Independent School District

Education Use Case


In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic impacting education nationwide, the El Paso Independent School District was forced to close schools and offices and rapidly migrate all operations to a virtual environment. Due to security concerns, their existing platform was unable to support their needs, requiring a 10-day rapid transition to Cisco Collaboration tools.


EPISD engaged the Cisco account team to provision Webex licenses for administration, faculty, staff, and students. The Cisco team immediately brought in the LIFT team to deliver the necessary tools for EPISD to rapidly implement the Webex solution. In just 7 days, the LIFT client services team conducted stakeholder enablement and planning sessions to determine workflows and user groups; provided bi-lingual training guides, videos and communications plans to students, faculty and staff; and delivered virtual training sessions to end-users.


  • Webex is now the primary channel for teaching, administration, and operations
  • 56,000 Students, and 9,000 Faculty and Staff, resumed classes and operations in 10 days
  • Working remotely, teachers successfully learned to share and annotate content, allow class participation, and engage students
  • Over 30 executive and leadership staff learned to use Webex for critical educational continuity
  • 2,077 meetings hosted prior to districtwide launch
  • 37% video enablement and 2.7 participants per meeting indicates a move toward optimizing meeting effectiveness


“I was expecting the transition to Webex to be a very painful experience, but with the support of LIFT, the whole project was executed seamlessly.”

Alice Ramos, CIO
El Paso Independent School District


The El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) consists of 85 schools serving over 55,000 students and employing over 8,000 people. The district is an ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse community focused on providing engaging and challenging learning; building a strong support system; and modernizing the learning environment.