Technology Enablement

Elevate the impact of IT

Our approach

LIFT understands that successful technology implementations require a process in which leadership capabilities, relationships and structures are in place to support end-user adoption and use. Our proprietary Value Realization Services (VRS) are the most comprehensive suite of workplace transformation solutions available. LIFT provides organizations with practical and tactical value through small group coaching, small group coaching, Technology Influencer Programs (TIPs), and our enterprise-ready, on-demand training portal (Ways of Working Portal).

We make it easy

LIFT makes it easy for you to unlock the full potential of your technology investments. We work side-by-side with your team every step of the to ensure that your end users understand how to best leverage new technologies and adapt them to their own ways of working.

We collect and analyze usage data to gain visibility into the user journey and find out where users struggle and where they excel, so that you can make data-driven decisions and champion transformational change.

Our client services team then puts together a plan to help you meet your identified organizational outcomes. The plan encompasses three core areas: advisory and development, communications, and analytics.

Advisory and Development

The goal of the advisory and development portion of our engagement is to use the information gathered on your user base to help build an internal adoption plan and user expert program. We work closely with your users to discover variables such as unique challenges, work habits and business requirements, and combine this with our earlier data to come up with organization recommendations. We then conduct user development sessions based specifically on the feedback and data provided, allowing chosen users in your organization to become experts, ultimately reducing your reliance on outside resources and keeping valuable knowledge in-house and at all levels of the organization.


In this phase, we consolidate the information accrued through our analytics and advisory and development activities to develop digital and video communication tools and other materials – all of which can be leveraged to promote technologies and initiatives and train current and future users.


The analytics portion of our engagement has several components. In the audit phase, at the very beginning of the engagement, we organize and review the accrued data in preparation to make recommendations. This includes user data as well as information on initiatives, processes, and management of resources. At the end of the engagement in the measurement phase, we look back at the project and measure progress in adoption, usage, sentiment, and more.

Technology Enablement Use Cases

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