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Data is the world’s most valuable resource, surpassing oil for the first time in 2017. An ever-expanding, renewable resource which touches all our lives both personally and professionally. At LIFT, we believe that the most powerful information and insights to guide your organization already exist – all you need is the right Data Scientists to help you uncover it, analyze it, and understand what it means to your organization 

Our Data Scientists have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to help leaders make smart decisions, backed by science. Our team has led change through helping a retail giant create superior shopping experiences, working on Presidential campaigns to articulate their message, and exploring ways to revolutionize software sales for major technology leaders. Our Data Scientists are experts at aggregating and generating data to help you make strategic decisions.

Responsive, iterative approach

Users and analysts had a tremendously positive response to our rollout of TDX and we believe that the responsive, iterative approach you took to the research was largely responsible for that. Thanks for your partnership!

Katie Wornson,
Senior UX Manager

Data Analytics Use Cases


LIFT’s proprietary user interface, utilization and utility measurement system combines eye tracking technology with persona-matched research panelists in a laboratory setting. UX-UI is the only system to accurately measure the effectiveness and performance of a user interface through the generation of interactive heat maps and analytics. This research can be conducted in our Research Labs in Iowa using persona-matched participants or can be conducted on-site with the recruited target audience.

Eye Tracking Research

Eye tracking is an advanced technology that allows us to see through eyes of users as they explore, learn, and interact with visual media. This technology helps us guide the customer experience, and helps our clients connect with their target audience.

Build Your Own Experiences

LIFT Build Your Own Experiences (BYOX) research puts the creative power in the hands of your users. This innovative methodology can be used to create the ideal experience for any target audience.

The LIFT team has successfully used this method to evaluate messages, videos, and web pages. BYOX blends popular methods including card sorting and in-depth interviews

Brand Health Score

The Brand Health Score breaks down four key attributes of your brand and tracks how each evolves over time. To arrive at your brand’s score, LIFT’s data scientists use artificial intelligence to produce incredibly accurate, machine learning-based results in four core areas of brand equity:

  • Performance
  • Familiarity
  • Recognition
  • Loyalty

These results roll into your LIFT Brand Health Score – a simple score that is easy to communicate and track over time.

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