Meet Alyssa Nolte

Chief of Staff

Alyssa’s responsibilities at LIFT span across many departments. From heading the sales channels for the Data Sciences teams, to special projects in Analytics, Delivery, Channel, and IP development. But her specialty is helping identify that next innovative gem of an idea that will raise LIFT as a strategic leader.

Prior to joining LIFT, Alyssa was the Chief Development Officer at Discida, which became part of the LIFT family in January 2020. There she was responsible for product development, sales, and marketing.

She has dual degrees in the associated fields of Marketing and Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa and, has been twice recognized in the Top Ten Women in Science & Technology by the state of Iowa. 

Outside work, Alyssa coaches a local high school dance team. She’s also passionate about helping grow and develop young entrepreneurs. And if that’s not enough, alongside her husband and two children, she’s recently taken on the daunting task of renovating an 1876 home.