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5 Reasons I’m Excited for the TSW Conference In Las Vegas – 1. It’s All About Business Outcomes

Why do we do anything?  There’s always an outcome.  I make coffee in the morning so I can wake up and think straight when I work.  Sports teams play each other to win.  We work with customers to make them successful.  However, until recently, in the tech services space, we’ve been providing services to customers without regard for their business outcomes!


This all changed in recent years, with the pivot to Customer Success and Lifecycle Services.  In the three TSW events I’ve attended, I’ve enjoyed discussions with forward thinking companies like Gainsight, Service Source, Outcome Chains, Mavenlink, Sutherland, Cisco, and others about the importance of focusing on the customer’s most important business outcomes and continuously driving the attainment of those outcomes using our technology.  Technology Services has evolved to embrace Adoption and Expansion motions to drive these outcomes, which is what TSW is all about.


I look forward to learning from the wide variety of thought leaders at TSW more of their best practices on Business Outcome focus, and sharing our thoughts with others.  Contact us here if you will be in Vegas for TSW and would like to meet!


Author: Paul Bernstein

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