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5 Reasons I’m Excited for the TSW Conference In Las Vegas – 2. The Big Ships are Starting to Turn

We are fortunate at LIFTinnovate to have on our team several leaders and consultants that have years of experience working in large, high-profile companies like Accenture, Cap Gemini, Google, Microsoft and Cisco.  However, we’ve found that most of the transformation that has taken place in the technology services industry, toward a customer success and lifecycle motion, has taken place in smaller, agile companies that are more easily able to pivot.


But the winds are changing and the tide is rising!  The big companies that lead our $3 Trillion industry are beginning to make the turn.  Take Cisco for instance, who we have helped on the journey to a developing business outcome focus across their massive global channel.  Sure, there are still plenty of traditional “box pushing” resellers who continue to sell, deliver and move on.  But, increasingly, and in every corner of the globe, we are seeing a transformation to Land, Adopt, Expand and Renew, and an embracing of “The Cloud”.  Many of these companies also offer cloud services from Microsoft, Amazon and others, and thus see this transformation as an imperative to survival!  Cisco has truly embraced this transformation, and recently made significant organizational changes to software and cloud focus, and has established a Customer Success organization to drive this transformation globally.  Not a coincidence, Cisco will have the most attendees of any organization at TSW next week.


I am excited to see JB Wood’s opening keynote on Monday, Aligning for Growth and Outcomes, to hear his perspective on this topic.


Author: Paul Bernstein

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