Nation’s Largest Utility

Public Sector


The COVID-19 crisis forced social distancing and remote access procedures into the public meeting process for the nation’s largest municipally-owned utility. The utility needed to quickly provide a seamless transformation from in-person meetings to a digital, virtual board meeting while retaining a secure environment, procedural compliance, and the traditional experience.


The utility contacted LIFT to help run 12 meetings while simultaneously transitioning all roles and processes to utility personnel. In parallel, LIFT provided secure virtual worker improvements so that gains were made in both efficiency and effectiveness.


LIFT successfully ran the Commissioners Board Meeting under emergency conditions with just two days’ notice. LIFT provided:

  • A secure meeting environment
  • Procedural adherence
  • Improved government and private contractor employee satisfaction a
  • COVID-19 safety compliance


“LIFT has been a great partner in showing us how to ensure we understand how to use our Cisco technology for maximum business value.”

Utility CIO


The customer is the nation’s largest municipally-owned utility employing over 9,000 people and providing water and power to over 4 million residents and businesses for more than a century. The utility is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners who meet bi-monthly in a highly procedural, public forum.