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True Perspective

Discida is now a proud member of the LIFTinnovate family! Our name might be different, but our mission is still the same – to provide you with the best research technologies, methods and insights. LIFTinnovate is a leading research and consulting firm, dedicated to bridging the gap between the world’s best technologies and the people that use them.

Signature Services
DASH Design Testing

The Dash Platform allows you to start a research project quickly, with no fuss, at a cost-effective price point. Launch your project, and we’ll return your research results within 3 business days.

Dash isn’t a computer that guesses what humans might think of your design. We survey real people and get their real feedback. To shorten timelines, we use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze the feedback provided by our panel.

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is a hot buzzword these days, but to us it’s more than just marketing. We truly believe in improving the user experience to make it easier for your customers to learn, convert, and buy. We leverage multiple techniques, methodologies, and technologies to detail the digital experience while delivering recommendations you can act on.

Technologies & Methods
Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking research is what we’re best known for. We use advanced eye tracking technology and software to help you see through the eyes of your customer. This technology is leveraged in an in-person interview style experience, and we have a UX lab-in-a-bag that we can take anywhere in the world. The eye tracking technology allows us to understand what people are, and are not, paying attention to. Every project is different, and we don’t use a canned solution to answer your complex questions. We combine the best parts of qualitative and quantitative research methods for a truly comprehensive look into consumer behavior.

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDI) are a great way to gather data without geographic restrictions. IDIs are one-on-one with a moderator and a participant. IDIs are best used when your target persona is scarce or difficult to engage with. These interviews typically last 30-60 minutes and really dig deep into the personal preferences of your target customer.


One of the more commonly used research methods, this allows us to collect many responses without geographic limitations. Our surveys often have an interactive component, allowing your target persona to engage with your designs from the comfort of their own computers.

Focus Groups

Focus groups can be a great way to get feedback from your potential customers. Typically, we use focus groups during the early phases of research. Focus groups are moderated by a trained moderator. The goal is to keep the setting informal and natural.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is where our expertise and methods really come together. We believe in the power of data to help you make smart decisions. Our data analytics team can leverage every data source (both structured and unstructured) through advanced machine learning-based analytics and artificial intelligence.

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