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5 Reasons I’m Excited for the TSW Conference In Las Vegas – 3. Meeting Digital Leaders

As our industry is transforming to support “everything-as-a-service”, cloud, and consumerism, so transforms most every other industry.  Uber, Netflix, and Docusign are but a few examples of companies that disrupted a long-established industry with new models.  These disruptions require a new type of leadership, which we call “Digital Leadership”.  We speak more on this topic in our blog posted previously.


The TSW conference has a history of highlighting Digital Leaders.  I am very excited to hear the closing keynote from John Ellis of Ellis & Associates.  He’ll be comparing the transformation taking place today in technical services with that of the automotive industry, and relating to their disruptors, Uber, Zipcar and Google.  We at LIFTinnovate have been consulting in the automotive space as well, working with disruptive innovations, so it will be very interesting to hear some of John’s insight in this topic.


Other digital leaders I’m excited to hear @ TSW:


  • Maria Martinez, President, Global Customer Success & Salesforce Latin America, Salesforce
  • Terry Buzbee, Group Vice President, Final Control, Emerson Automation Solutions
  • Elisabeth Zornes, VP, Business Strategy and Operations, Cisco Systems


Author: Paul Bernstein

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