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Value Champion

Value realization is an act of leadership.

A blend of coaching, training and real-world application; the Value Champion module prepares IT personnel to define success, enlist the help and support of others and effectively advance business initiatives through the enterprise. Value Champions work across operational silos: select, design and deploy adoption and training technologies; create relevant success measures, and construct and promote success narratives. For more information on how to become a certified Value Champion, refer to the link at the bottom of this page.

Value Enlist

Adoption is a story of discovery.

Users discover the value of technology in different ways and at different times, if at all. The purpose of Value Enlist is to make technology consumption more accessible to more users. Value Enlist rapidly accelerates user adoption by exposing pockets of innovation and engaging the support of those creating it. The most effective way of scaling the adoption value is by enlisting members of the user community to share their experiences. Enlisting adoption evangelists is one of the ways the VRS framework harnesses the technologic value that already exists within the organization and puts that value to work on the task of creating more value.

Value Map

EUX excellence is a transformation journey.

Value Map inventories sources of value (existing and potential), develops use cases and personas, prioritizes the highest-yield, quickest-return opportunities. The Value Map module culminates in the creation of use-case portfolios. While many organizations employee entirely adequate methods of producing use-cases and personas, few employ best practice management of use-case portfolios and even fewer are able to transform use-cases and personas into user-relevant business initiatives.

Value Measure

If you do not define success, someone else will.

Deployment of new technology is a venture into the unknown. Technology success comes in many forms, is subject to interpretation, and is often affected by personal and professional agendas. Value Measure seeks the creation of objective and relevant measures of technology success. The Value Measure module guides IT organizations in the development of PROMISE Metrics™, a method of combining LIFT’s Proprietary measures with the CUSTOMER’s Routine Operational Measures and Industry Standards of Excellence metrics to define technologic value in terms relevant to the technology’s potential value, organizational expectations and industry standards.

Value Transform

Theoretical value has no value.

Without providing context, use-cases and personas carry little value or relevance to technology consumers. Value Transform is the process of turning theory into practice, by transforming use-cases into real-world applications and personas into the stories of real people. Value Transforms technical capabilities into relevant business applications by giving technology consumers the opportunity to take ownership of the business outcomes they generate.

Value Extend

If you don't tell your value story, who will?

Value Extend is a structured communications methodology designed to develop and distribute an overarching business value narrative. Extend combines historical and current user meta data, project outcomes and logical associations with the CUSTOMER’S strategic objectives to produce success narratives that thematically weave end-user experiences into a demonstration of strategic value. Value Extend defines communications channels and platforms and guides the disciplined and programmatic execution of messaging campaigns.