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Customer Success. Adoption. EUX.
LIFT is the creator and exclusive provider of the Value Realization Services™ (VRS) transformation suite; designed to predictably generate and grow, socially-based, peer-focused, technology adoption. VRS is a modular customer success framework designed to provide both comprehensive and focused support for EUX and adoption efforts.


Developed from extensive psychological, sociological, anthropologic research and decades of transformation field study, VRS is the next step in the evolution of enterprise sales success.

Value Realization Services™

LIFT’s human systems perspective, underpins our proprietary and exclusive Value Realization Services™ (VRS) transformation suite. VRS is singularly focused on guiding the transformation of technical capability into measurable business value. From day one; VRS seeks to identify, capture and integrate value in all its forms (institutional knowledge, expert use, one-offs, workgroup habits, etc.) and integrate these pockets of value to improve the organization’s ways of working.

INSIDE OUT VALUE.  VRS takes an inside-out approach to adoption. While traditional approaches focus on technology and measure success based on the number people that should be using it, VRS takes aim on how the technology should be used and who should be using it. Focusing on workflows over technology makes VRS unique and highly-effective. The VRS methodology seeks out user-generated technologic value, examining the ways end-users apply technical capabilities to do their jobs; better, faster, cheaper.

VRS is the process of identifying high-value, organization-specific technical applications and is the key to driving organic adoption, generating technology demand and producing strategically relevant outcomes.