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Founded and run by career IT executives, LIFT was built in the cloud and designed from the ground up to seamlessly engage with providers and customers at any point in the technology lifecycle process. From pre-sales pilot to post-sale adoption and workflow integration; LIFT offers the most comprehensive portfolio of customer success services available.

Throughout its history, LIFTinnovate has continually contributed to the development of the rapidly evolving customer success discipline. LIFT has trained 500+ partner organizations and 2,500+ individuals and delivered customer success programs for more than 75 organizations globally. As a Cisco Software Lifecycle Advisor Partner, LIFT developed Cisco’s Collaboration Adoption & Software Lifecycle Advisor Workshops and coaching programs.


Combined with our own deep experience in global technology, B2B selling and change management consulting, we’ve developed a superior approach to customer success enablement, adoption and end-user experience. Committed to the best practices we promote, LIFT provides both virtualized and physical delivery option.


LIFT combines consultative support, research insights and emerging technologies to create the most complete customer success portfolio available.




LIFTinnovate is a leading customer success consulting, research and technology development firm.

LIFT offers a complete portfolio of proprietary and exclusive product and service offerings designed to ensure the realization of technology value.
LIFT provides consulting and research services focused on the end user-experience, adoption, workplace virtualization and customer success.

LIFT is focused on doing just 3 things and doing those things better than anyone.


Help organizations

realize the full value

of what they buy


Help providers

generate more value

from what they sell


We help sellers

deliver more value and

sell more, to more people,

more often