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5 Reasons I’m Excited for the TSW Conference In Las Vegas – 5. It’s in Vegas, Baby!

All week I’ve been talking about why I’m excited to attend the TSW conference next week.  LIFTinnovate was founded to help technology companies and their eco-systems embrace the transformation to Customer Success, Lifecycle/LAER Services, and Cloud.  I’ve talked about how TSW leads this transformation with a focus on Business Outcomes, how the big companies are finally starting to make this transition, why Digital Leaders are attracted to TSW, and how JB Wood continues to provide thought leadership in this space.


It’s appropriate that this conference takes place in Las Vegas.  This is a city that never sleeps, is full of energy, and where luck can change and fortunes are made by taking risks.  This energy should put a charge into any of the attendees that may feel they are in a laggard industry.  To the contrary, we’re in a leading industry!  It is our industry, the $3 Trillion Enterprise Technology market, that is creating digital leaders and industry disruption every year!  Further, your personal luck can change at this conference.  You never know who you might sit next to at a keynote, at lunch, or run into at the expo…. You could meet a future customer, a strategic partner, or maybe your future boss!  Our industry, and the concepts discussed at TSW, is a wide open field for new ideas and new opportunities.


I welcome your feedback on my blogs, and I encourage you to come by our booth at the Consulting Advisory Board section of the Expo.  You can also contact me here.  Hope to meet you at the conference!  You never know what serendipity has in store for us!


Author: Paul Bernstein

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