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The Next Generation of Justice is Here

The disruptive, sudden shift to remote work accelerated by COVID-19 shook judicial systems around the globe. From managing resources and keeping the justice system afloat, to finding the right solutions to empower long-lasting change, collaboration tools took a front seat in ensuring business continuity.

LIFT and Cisco are helping leaders in courts, corrections, administrative hearings, and community supervision successfully meet these challenges leveraging Cisco Webex, a real-time video conferencing and information sharing platform that helps improve operational efficiencies and keep justice activities operational while empowering the remote delivery of judicial services.

As a reliable and proven Cisco partner, LIFT understands that technology alone does not ensure value realization. An end-user adoption strategy is crucial to ensuring the adoption, acceptance, and continued productivity of the justice system.

Our approach

LIFT helps justice organizations adopt new technologies and processes through our proprietary Value Realization Services (VRS), a comprehensive suite of workplace transformation solutions to help rapidly develop workflows and processes that address both short-and-long-term objectives.

Leveraging VRS, LIFT works closely with judicial systems to:

  • Design and individualize workflows that align people and processes with technology
  • Deliver role-based training focused on how Webex will support users in their workflow
  • Develop and deploy a comprehensive communication strategy
  • Create user guides and reference materials
  • Develop KPIs
  • Analyze and measure user feedback

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